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Floral Celebrations in East Harptree

Posted: 09th Sep 2021

The annual East Harptree Flower and Crafts Show will be taking place on East Harptree Playing Field at 2.30pm on Saturday 18thSeptember this year.  We caught up with organiser Daisy Bowie-Sell to find out what all the floral fuss is about…


Those who have been to the East Harptree Flower and Crafts Show before will know that this is our 31st year. The show was started in 1991 to fund the upkeep of the then new children’s playground. It has gone from strength to strength with the Show’s 30th year last year being one of the best in so many ways. It has regularly raised well over £1000 a year and last year raised £2500. This year there are 82 different classes– something for everyone and for all ages and on the day you can expect a raffle, bar and hot dogs (all of which were big hits at last year’s show).

The playground itself is a wonderful asset for the village and has been enjoyed now by at least two generations of children. Those who first took their own children there are now watching their grandchildren as they swing, slide and climb. It’s always beautifully kept and maintained and benefited from a major overhaul a few years ago. Without the money raised by the show much of this would not be possible.  We are forever indebted to companies such as Lodestone, who are so supportive each year.

The past year has been a strange and challenging one. We will all have had our ups and downs and most of us will have discovered what is important to us as individuals. For many of us it is family and friends. For many also, a heightened, renewed or new interest in growing vegetables, knitting, painting, cooking (let’s hear it for sourdough and banana bread!), photography and many other pastimes without which the Show would be nothing.

The other important ingredient of the past year must surely also be community and what a joy it has been to be living in not just the most beautiful part of the world but also to have been surrounded by supportive neighbours, a wonderful community and many much-loved village institutions of which the Flower and Crafts Show is proud to be one.

You can find a copy of the programme and more information on the East Harptree Village Facebook page.