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How to create the perfect Autumn/ Winter Home with No Naked Windows

Posted: 23rd Nov 2021

It’s that time of year again….

With the days getting shorter and the nights drawing in, late autumn and winter is the time where we look to our homes to provide a cosy, welcoming space to hunker down and relax. But creating a welcoming space is no easy task. Working out the perfect colour scheme and picking the right window dressing can be an intimidating process. Thankfully, we have the No Naked Windows team at hand to help.

With over thirty years of experience, No Naked Windows provides a full bespoke window dressing and soft furnishings service that can assist with every aspect of your project. From the initial consultation, right through to the final installation and design realisation. Christine, the business founder is passionate about what she does.

‘I understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming, beautifully dressed space which invites you to relax and spend time in.’

The name ‘No Naked Windows’, grew from a brainstorming session, as they wanted a name that clearly expressed what they do, to put it plainly – they dress naked windows. Although primarily curtain makers, they also supply every window dressing solution available. Alongside being leaders in their field, they have a good sense of humour. As Christine suggested …

‘I also liked the slightly naughty implication to the name!’

Christine is perfectly situated to understand the needs of people who live in and around Bruton as her family has lived here for generations. With the opening of the store coinciding with a time of regeneration and growth for Bruton, she has turned No Naked Windows into a thriving business. One which takes pride in helping its residents both new and existing, to make their houses into homes.

So, after speaking to Christine and the team, let us share her thoughts on how to make your home a dreamy place to be this autumn/winter. First off, some motivation …. why it is it so important to dress your windows? And why is this even more important this season.

Well as Christine explained, the impact should not be underestimated. Window dressings affect how you view a room as a whole. In a new build they immediately make the house feel like a home whereas in a property with existing decoration, just replacing the window dressings can change and update the look of a whole room. 

‘The type of dressing also massively impacts on the feel of a room: deciding to replace a roller blind with curtains or vice versa can impact the size, light and style of the space.’

With comfort and style in mind Christine recommends…

‘Lots of blankets and cushions, and of course cosy curtains! We are favouring wool this season and have an excellent selection including many gorgeous colours in our showroom to choose from.’

So now we have our shopping list, what should we be avoiding? There’s nothing worse than investing in a trend, only for it to go out of style by the time the winter nights have faded and spring is in the air. Christine advises avoiding what the she calls ‘matchy matchy’ interior choices. Instead, try a more eclectic and organic selection of fabrics colours and textures. Avoid making the window dressing the focus of any room with either over-dressing or using too bold a pattern. The No Naked Windows signature look for curtains, is luxurious but not attention seeking.

‘That said, we are huge fans of fantastic fabrics and have many to browse through in our showroom. However, we feel these are usually best placed elsewhere in the room as a feature, on maybe cushions or footstools’

Overall, they advise avoiding trends, and instead focus on quality and longevity. No Naked Windows have always focused on supplying long lasting, quality products and prefer to work with natural materials. They are increasingly looking at more environmentally sustainable fabrics aiming to provide stylish and beautiful products and services that reflect, rather than take away from the beauty of our planet.

Finally, Christine gave us a great tip on taking advantage of the local Somerset landscape.

A window dressing should fulfil many duties; it needs to consider privacy needs; maximise natural light and optimise the enjoyment of beautiful views – especially our local landscape that develops throughout the seasons in Bruton. A window dressing shouldn’t dominate but complement a room and if there is a stunning view, this should never be obscured but framed, and enjoyed.

We hope this has helped you with some ideas to creating a cosy home-look that’s perfect for you.

For more help, pay a visit to the No Naked Windows showroom …or visit their website here