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Meet the Architect: Edd Medlicott

Posted: 08th Mar 2021

Meet the Architect of Mulberry Lane, Lovington near Castle Cary Edd Medlicott of Orme

What is your name and your business name?
Edd Medlicott of Orme Architecture

Where are you based?
Mill Farm Barns, Baltonsborough

How long have you worked as an architect? As a technical note, I am not a chartered Architect and as such can’t call myself one. I am the MD of an RIBA Architects Practice, but personally I can’t call myself an Architect as it is legally protected. I have been working in Architecture for 18 years

Where did you study? Did you study with anyone you’d like to mention?
I studies at Leeds School of Art Architecture and Design, now Leeds Beckett

Where have you worked (other practices and even countries)?
Have you worked with anyone you’d like to mention? I’ve always worked at Orme

What’s your design ethos?
High quality, sustainable design that is both pragmatic and beautiful.

What are your favourite projects you’ve worked on and why?
One-off bespoke houses are the most interesting projects, as you are designing for a very specific brief and need to really understand the people you are designing for, how they live their lives and how they live with each other often with conflicting requirements and design tastes. Added to this, these projects often aim for the highest sustainability credentials so there is a good deal of science involved with the physics of the building – how much energy it uses, how much energy goes into building it and how it behaves in different climatic conditions. This is often coupled with a desire for cutting edge design aesthetically.

How long have you worked with James and Will?
Over three years

Tell us about the project and the thinking behind it.
We originally worked with the landowner to obtain planning permission for the site, before Will and James bought it to develop it out. They have a desire to build attractive modern homes with a traditional aesthetic but to the highest modern standards of construction. The site layout is driven by the views out over fields and the desire to avoid the suburban feel that many housing developments have due to modern parking requirements. We utilised a shared courtyard space in order to avoid this, taking a steer from the way agricultural buildings develop around courtyards which is a form of development common in rural areas

What do you hope to achieve with this project
Good quality homes that are a really nice place to live

How much does the site influence your work and how has it influenced this project?
We always start the design process with site analysis, looking at the sun path, views and aspect as well as any external influences such as the road.

Who’s your favourite architect/the one you most respect of all time and why?
Nicholas Grimshaw – I feel his work reflects my design ethos but I also love the work of Future Systems particularly the Lords Media Centre although their work is a lot more sculptural.

What do you think the top three things to consider when designing a modern home?
Get things in the right place on the floor plan, it’s amazing how light and views influence how we feel about a space. Then reduce the energy required to run the home through high levels of insulation and good quality materials as well as air tightness. Make the home a comfortable place to be, it’s a home first and an architectural statement second. You spend more time inside looking out than outside looking in.

Are you interested in environmental principles and if so please explain further and how they might influence your work?
As above, a well designed home should have low energy requirement and controllable ventilation, renewables are then the icing on the cake. Describe other influences on your work. The most important influence is the surrounding site and area in which a building sits as well as the end user.

If you weren’t an architect what would you be?
Mmmm a difficult question, but ultimately the part of the process I miss is the making of the design, so some sort of skilled trade / craft